MCA Art Bar, meeow! – 25.07.14

20140725-DSCF6876Birthdays are so much more fun when you’re not the one organising the party… This is why mine was so kickass this year! The MCA Art Bar runs on the last Friday of every month which, conveniently, happened to be the 25th this time ’round.

Each event is curated by a different artist and it was Australian duo Pip & Pop who ran with a Japanese theme (complete with a cat cafe) for this edition. I was looking forward to this for a while after scoping out P&P’s work – super bright, colourful and full of imagination (I was absolutely sold after getting lost in their wonderland builder ‘we miss you magic land‘). Lots of interactive fun, access to the current exhibitions and of course, a bar and DJ.The deck with the amazing view over the harbour wasn’t bad either!

One of the things we partook in was the Colourful Magic Mask workshop which was a relaxing way to wind down from a week at work.


Upon entry, you are asked to leave your shoes at the door before being greeted by all the colours of the rainbow in the form of everything you would need to craft yourself a beautiful mask. Cardboard, foil paper and even Yuko Kanatani’s facilitation and animations for creative inspiration.


Den, Watdog and I, however, deviated from this a little, finding something else to adorn with the materials we had at hand. The above is what happens when you don’t leave your shoes at the door like you’re supposed to (hehe)! While I hope our work wasn’t too hard to reverse, I have to say, I do think our subjects looked a lot better in their new form than the state we found them in.

Thanks for organising and hosting my bash this year, MCA!

JTV Cribs: Den’s Den

2014-06-25 01.13.29 1

One of the things I like about dropping into Den’s is seeing this lovely Ingo Maurer light fixture. It’s genius – so simple, yet so good! The ‘shade’ is effectively made up of sheets of paper clipped onto the ends of a bunch of nicely splayed wires. It usually comes with blank paper that you can apply your own artistic flair to but this limited version here, Blushing Zettel’z,  features prints of photographs of Chinese erotic figurines. I think there have been other limited edition releases too, a quick scan through the website showing evidence of a pop art themed Bang Boom! and Italian inspired Viva l’Italia!.

Across from the lounge, it was a case of out with the old and in with the new.

2014-06-25 01.12.11 1~01

Den’s new flatmate Dan changed it up a little when he moved in and replaced the old Bookworm that used to occupy this wall with a couple of Craig & Karl prints that just happened to be lying around. Hangs in the lounge room now happen with Gaga and Jay! I  kinda like how the records are a little homage to their similarly swirly predecessor.

2014-06-25 01.12.48 1~01

Da lounge. As someone who has crashed on that couch before, I can certainly attest to it being some comfy-ass shit.

But the part of Den’s hospitality that I like most, is the food that he puts together for us (:

2014-06-27 08.43.40 1
… Like this garlic, chilli and spring onion salmon that he threw together on our arts and crafts night. Winnarrrrr!