JTV Cribs: Den’s Den

2014-06-25 01.13.29 1

One of the things I like about dropping into Den’s is seeing this lovely Ingo Maurer light fixture. It’s genius – so simple, yet so good! The ‘shade’ is effectively made up of sheets of paper clipped onto the ends of a bunch of nicely splayed wires. It usually comes with blank paper that you can apply your own artistic flair to but this limited version here, Blushing Zettel’z,  features prints of photographs of Chinese erotic figurines. I think there have been other limited edition releases too, a quick scan through the website showing evidence of a pop art themed Bang Boom! and Italian inspired Viva l’Italia!.

Across from the lounge, it was a case of out with the old and in with the new,

2014-06-25 01.12.11 1~01

Den’s new flatmate Dan changed it up a little when he moved in and replaced the old Bookworm that used to occupy this wall with a couple of Craig & Karl prints that just happened to be lying around. Hangs in the lounge room now happen with Gaga and Jay! I  kinda like how the records are a little homage to their similarly swirly predecessor.

2014-06-25 01.12.48 1~01

Da lounge. As someone who has crashed on that couch before, I can certainly attest to it being some comfy-ass shit.

But the part of Den’s hospitality that I like most, is the food that he puts together for us (:

2014-06-27 08.43.40 1
… Like this garlic, chilli and spring onion salmon that he threw together on our arts and crafts night. Winnarrrrr!

Nike x _____ x _____ AW14

2014-06-25 12.40.42 1~01

I bought these Flywires when I was in KL because if I was going to “tomb raid” Siem Reap in comfort, the Havaianas and ballet flats I packed were definitely not gonna cut it!

While they did their job for me in Asia, I thought darker soles would have them coordinate more nicely with the current winter uniform of black jeans I’ve been wearing back at home. I could’ve just forked out for a new pair of shoes but said “why not?” to a mini DIY project and some weekend arts and craft. YEEEAH!

2014-06-25 01.14.16 1

I dropped into World Famous Westsyde to grab one of the Posca pens I spotted in the window on my way home from work one evening but left with a can of Montana Colors 94 after having a bit of a chat with Nathan who recommended some spray instead. This, a Coles catalogue, masking tape and a pair of helpful hands later and it was ON!

2014-06-24 04.27.07 2
Doing what we do best – sweat shoppin’. Lol.

2014-07-03 07.01.04 1Nike x Den Van x Coles AW14

2014-06-27 08.52.11 1
So gangsta!

2014-07-11 04.08.29 1Unwrappin’.

2014-06-25 12.53.36 2~01
Nike x Jessica Ta x Montana Colors AW14

Et voila! So much fun! And more stealth cool.